Turn Medical Launches Revolutionary Pronova-O2 Automated Prone Therapy System

Turn Medical has launched its first product, a prone positioning device, the Pronova-O2™ Automated Prone Therapy System.

Substantial research has demonstrated the benefits of prone positioning for critically ill patients with respiratory distress. The Pronova-O2 System provides an effective and efficient way for clinicians to move patients into the prone position and maintain their safety and comfort by easily rotating their position from side to side as needed and facilitates three types of positioning therapies: prone therapy, prone therapy with continuous lateral rotation, and supine continuous lateral rotation.

Key features include:

  • Accommodates patients up to 400 lbs;
  • InteliDermPowered Skin Protection designed to reduce the risk for skin breakdown in key vulnerable areas in the prone position;
  • Integrated surface components to protect bedside clinicians from sprains and strains;
  • User Interface with efficient workflows to allow for rapid product competency and implementation.

“We developed this disruptive technology to address the growing need for a safer and simpler alternative to the labor-intensive manual repositioning of patients by healthcare staff,” commented Tara Psencik, Turn Medical’s CEO. “We believe that we are making significant contributions in the communities where our products and solutions are available as we Turn Patients Toward Positive Outcomes.”

Pronova-O2 is available for purchase throughout the United States, and for rent in select cities, with rapid expansions in availability happening continuously.

Indications for Use: The Pronova-O2 Automated Prone Therapy System is designed to prevent pressure injuries and to assist in the management of patients experiencing pulmonary distress and/or complications due in part to patient immobility. Such pulmonary distress or complications can arise in immobile patients suffering from pneumonia, sepsis and ventilatory-associated events, among others. For further information on risks, precautions and more, visit turnmedical.com.

Source: Turn Medical

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