ChiliSleep, Grey Team Partner to Improve Sleep Quality for Veterans Suffering the Invisible Wounds of War

ChiliSleep announced it has proudly partnered with Grey Team Inc., a veterans nonprofit organization whose core mission is to reduce veteran suicide rates. Grey Team accomplishes this through the use of personalized health and wellness programs that combine basic fundamentals with modern technology for veterans looking to manage or recover from PTSD, traumatic brain injury (TBI), self-medication, and isolation.

The first phase of the partnership is a commitment to ongoing research into the role sleep plays in veterans’ physical and mental health. The two companies are participating in an IRB sleep study with Florida Atlantic University research teams. The study will examine the role that sleep plays in improving veterans’ bodies and minds using the ChiliSleep system.

“ChiliSleep’s commitment to study the role of sleep in veterans’ physical and mental health is a huge step forward for our organization, as is everything we do in the name of ending U.S. Military suicide. When a veteran contacts Grey Team, they’re immediately connected to our wellness professionals and provided the support to develop a life-saving plan to help veterans navigate the challenges they’re facing and empower them to move forward. Because we’re veterans ourselves, we’re able to empathize with the complex issues that can develop,” said Cary Reichbach, Founder of Grey Team.

In addition to participating in clinical trials studying the impact of sleep on veterans, ChiliSleep is also committing resources in the following ways:

  • Hosting a free giveaway for veterans who are pre-registered for a Facebook Live on Tuesday, November 9 at 1pm ET in honor of Veteran’s Day. During the live event, ChiliSleep will be raffling off two Cube with Chilipad™ Cool Mesh™ sleep systems (temperature-controlled mattress pad controlled by an attached control unit with a water tank).
  • Contributing to Grey Team’s on-site wellness tools by donating ChiliSleep’s products to be featured alongside other products designed to boost overall mental and physical wellbeing. This includes one Cube cooling sleep system and one 15-pound weighted chiliBLANKET (the only cooling weighted blanket that doesn’t make you sweat or overheat).
  • Donating an additional 10 Cube sleep systems for veterans to take home and use to improve their deep sleep and wellness during their time with Grey Team.

“These efforts are a natural evolution of our long-standing commitment to veterans’ health and wellbeing, and working with Grey Team might be one of the most important partnerships we’ve ever had. The National Sleep Foundation has reported that the most common PTSD-related sleep problems are insomnia, night terrors, and obstructive sleep apnea, so anything we can do to help veterans improve their sleep quality truly matters to us,” said ChiliSleep CEO and Co-Founder Tara Youngblood.

Countless veterans have received what are called “non-visible” wounds during their service, and this includes TBI and PTSD. According to military statistics, of the thousands of soldiers who received non-visible wounds during their service, less than 50% receive treatment for them. Compare that to the over 95% who receive treatment for visible wounds, and the discrepancy supplies one of the reasons for the current high suicide rate.

Many of the services that Grey Team offers to veterans comes from Reichbach’s search for what worked for him after transitioning to the civilian world after his life in the Army.

Today, Grey Team offers one-on-one personal training, yoga, cryotherapy, infrared detoxification, low-level laser therapy, acupuncture for pain relief, 3D body scanning, and community safe-spaces.

“It’s a 90-day protocol and no veteran ever pays any of these costs,” said Reichbach. “The fact that ChiliSleep is graciously donating its temperature-regulated sleep systems is a huge win for our program and will continue to provide natural, drug-free approaches to healing veterans from the inside out. With good sleep comes a host of benefits, including stronger immune systems, faster cognitive abilities, more energy to exercise, and improved mental health.”

Source: ChiliSleep

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