Sleep Cycle Offers Free Premium Subscription to College Students

Sleep Cycle announced that it will offer a 60-day free trial of its premium membership to current U.S. college students. Through this initiative, students will benefit from relaxing sleep sounds and stories library, including Sleep Cycle’s celebrity-narrated sleep story, “The Lighthouse” narrated by Emmy-award winning actor, Alexander Skarsgård.

These sleep aids, in addition to Sleep Cycle’s tracking and intelligent alarm clock, give students the tools they need for a good night’s sleep. Additional analytic tools accessible through a premium membership will allow them to track and analyze their sleeping patterns, resulting in a greater understanding of their sleep and insights into ways to improve their nightly routine.

College and university students have notoriously erratic and unpredictable sleep schedules. In a recent in-app survey conducted by Sleep Cycle, almost half (44.4%) of the 518 students surveyed responded that they do not have a bedtime routine and only 15.5% of students listed sleep as a high priority.

“Between looming academic demands, practices, jobs or internships, family obligations, and other extracurriculars, students’ plates are overflowing, and prioritizing sleep is often the first thing to fall to the bottom of their tasks list,” said Li Åslund, sleep expert for Sleep Cycle. “Sleep is a vital factor in academic success, as well as in overall health, and sleep inconsistency, over time, can affect students in a number of ways.”

According to Åslund, these are three of the top reasons students are likely to experience sleep problems:

  • Biological changes. When people reach adolescence, the body’s sleep rhythm is often delayed, making teens and young adults “night owls” whose body naturally stays up later. Early wakeup times paired with the desire to stay up late is a recipe for sleep deprivation.
  • Social demands. Whether they are chatting on social media, texting, or hanging in real life, students can socialize with friends for hours, late into the evening. This can lead to later bedtimes and by consequence, too little sleep. In addition, blue light exposure from looking at devices directly before bedtime can impact sleep quality.
  • Academic obligations and stressors. Stress related to school performance can influence sleep, making it harder for students to fall asleep, prolonging sleep latency, and causing them to toss and turn all night.

“As students head into a new semester, Sleep Cycle created this promotion to help students become more aware of their sleep habits and evaluate their sleep health,” said Carl Johan Hederoth, CEO of Sleep Cycle. “This initiative is part of Sleep Cycle’s overarching mission to improve global health by empowering people to sleep better.”

Sleep Cycle’s promotion launches today and will conclude on February 5. Current college students can learn more about their eligibility and enroll in the free 60-day premium membership here. Sleep Cycle is available for iOS and Android devices, including wearable devices such as Apple Watch, Google Wear OS and Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Source: Sleep Cycle

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