Itamar Releases New WatchPAT with SleePATh App

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WatchPAT® with SleePATh® is a digital solution for clinicians which integrates automated subjective patient data with the WatchPAT® ONE home sleep study results for enhanced diagnosis, data management and analysis.

It simplifies the patient journey, streamlines the clinical experience and enhances the diagnosis.  It combines pre and post sleep study questionnaires with the sleep study for better organized and more efficient data management. It allows clinicians to see the full patient picture in one report. The solution is offered via the WatchPAT® smartphone app and managed via the CloudPAT® platform.

Why SleePATh®?

GREATER EFFICIENCY: A new approach to upgrade the home sleep testing experience, beyond AHI

  • Goes beyond sleep apnea diagnosis and evaluates insomnia, daytime sleepiness, sleep scheduling, RLS, patient behavior, lifestyle
  • Helps to streamline the diagnosis process

ENHANCED DIAGNOSIS PROCESS: Personalized to the patient, customizable by the clinic

  • Comprehensive subjective patient data collection adapted to patient and clinicians’ specific needs
  • Patients can complete the assessment at their convenience, before coming to the clinic

ONE SINGLE REPORT: Including patient self-reported data and sleep study objective data

  • Combines pre and post-sleep study questionnaires with the sleep study for better organized and more efficient data management
  • Quick, easy and efficient data management, replacing traditional paper documentation, supporting Telemedicine


  • End-to-end clinician-patient experience and improved communication, with reminders and notifications
WatchPAT® with SleePATh® app will change the way you manage your patients and will help you to look further than AHI with a single report. These product releases are the result of the valuable feedback we have received from our customers and the patients they serve. We remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering products and solutions that are simple, accurate, reliable and which are supported by uncompromising customer service.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about WatchPAT® with SleePATh® app, please do not hesitate to contact your Itamar Sales Representative, or call or email our US Itamar Customer Service at 888-748-2627.

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