CleveMed Collaboration Leads to Specialty Practice Accreditation

A 5-year pioneering collaboration between Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia (CCP), one of the largest cardiology practices in the country, a number of high-quality local sleep centers, and CleveMed, a leading home sleep testing (HST) technology and fulfillment service provider, was recently endorsed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and paved the way for a newly created Specialty Practice Accreditation.

Per the AASM website, “the new Specialty Practice Accreditation program is for non-sleep medical practices that evaluate and manage patients at high risk for sleep apnea by screening for sleep apnea, performing home sleep apnea tests (HSATs) and facilitating treatment and management of sleep apnea through an AASM-accredited sleep facility.”

“We saw the enormous value and opportunity to facilitate ambulatory home testing for so many of our cardiac patients who have disorders of breathing that complicate and at times even cause their cardiac diagnosis. While the frequency of sleep apnea in cardiac patients has been long established the ability to provide the testing from a cardiology practice’s perspective was certainly unique at the time we presented it. Through our unique collaboration with CleveMed and the foresight and support of the AASM, we were able to bring that vision to reality.” said Dr. Victor, CEO of CCP.

“We are extremely excited that our easy-to-use monitors and cloud software were able to expand home sleep apnea testing to include cardiology practices while maintaining care continuity by local sleep specialists”, said Hani Kayyali, CleveMed President and CEO. “AASM endorsement is a great testament to this collaboration. We look forward to future growth in this area”.

“CCP is a proud partner with many of the leading health systems in the greater Philadelphia metroplex and has been able to partner with leading sleep specialists at many of those institutions to round out the collaborative care offered to our patients with disordered sleep conditions that aggravate their cardiac conditions.  We are certain that similar partnerships between cardiology practices and sleep specialists will improve the care to all of our patients throughout the country.”  Said Dr. Victor.

CCP is a single-specialty cardiovascular medicine practice with over 100 physicians and 35 advanced practitioners working out of 38 offices across the greater Philadelphia Metroplex.

As one of the largest independent cardiovascular practices in the country, they place a high value on innovation. With advanced imaging in over half of these offices, including PET and PET/CT for the up to the minute advances in imaging, they are among the largest providers of diagnostic workups in the region. This is supported by a practice-wide PACS system, the Philips ISCV platform which is more typically found in large hospital or health system deployments.

Their investment in EMR implementation 20 years ago has provided them a unique opportunity to collect and collate data in order to enter the world of value-based contracting and population health with a variety of payers including Medicare and one of the only practices to do so with a leading managed Medicaid insurer.

CCP has partnered with many of the leading health care systems in the region where its physicians provide a full array of invasive services from coronary and vascular procedures in the catheterization laboratory to full electrophysiology services including complex ablations, to structural heart disease in several locations providing TAVR to their patients.

Source: CleveMed

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