Masimo Enters the Consumer Wearables Market with Continuous SpO2

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Masimo marks its 33rd anniversary by announcing the limited market release of the W1™ health watch for consumers. The first of its kind, the Masimo W1 offers accurate, continuous measurements and actionable health insights – from the leader in hospital pulse oximetry – in a personal, discreet, lifestyle-friendly wrist-worn wearable. Building on Masimo’s decades of leadership in creating revolutionary noninvasive blood parameter monitoring solutions, W1 provides accurate, continuous monitoring of multiple health parameters – including oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate, perfusion index, PVi®, and respiration rate, alongside step count and fall detection.

For the limited market release of W1, Masimo is inviting a select group of early adopters to help evaluate and refine the product over the coming months. Masimo will provide up to 10,000 W1s on a first-come, first-served basis, at a 50% discount, to users who agree to the program details and to provide feedback and data to Masimo. For additional information and to express interest in the program, please go to

With this consumer release of W1, Masimo is bringing its expertise in medical monitoring, connectivity, and automation to consumers looking to take control of their personal health, including those wanting to fine-tune their athletic training and recovery, the quality of their sleep, and their overall physiological status. Paired via secure Bluetooth to the Masimo Personal Health smartphone app, W1 provides continuous health data and guidance with accuracy heretofore unknown in a wrist-based device, unlocking meaningful, actionable insights – all in the convenient and discreet form of a durable watch.

Tommy Haas, former professional tennis player, commented, “I’ve always believed in the power of data to improve my performance. Accurate vital sign measurements have helped me track my activity and recovery both on and off the court. Now with Masimo W1, I have a convenient way to continuously track my vitals right on my wrist.”

In addition to use by consumers, W1 is also available outside the U.S. for telehealth applications, benefiting from Masimo’s expertise not only in noninvasive monitoring but in hospital connectivity and automation innovations. For patients recovering at home after surgery or illness, as well as patients with chronic conditions (such as heart failure, COPD, or cancer), W1 represents a convenient, reliable remote patient monitoring and telehealth solution enabling clinicians to keep track of their patients’ physiological status from afar, even as patients go about everyday tasks at home. A natural complement to the Masimo SafetyNet® remote patient monitoring platform, W1 enables wireless transmission of patient data to the Masimo SafetyNet smartphone app and Masimo’s secure data cloud.

Dr. Abeer Bakhsh, Head of the Heart Function Unit at Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in Saudi Arabia, which has been using W1 for telehealth monitoring of patients, commented, “We have begun using Masimo W1 with Masimo SafetyNet for remote patient monitoring of our chronic heart failure patients. The watch is very comfortable to wear, and the continuous Masimo measurements give us confidence to help keep our patients safe.”

Joe Kiani, Founder and CEO of Masimo, said, “As we celebrate our 33rd year, and as we embark on the next chapter of our expansion through the recent acquisition of Bowers & Wilkins, Denon, Marantz, Polk Audio and their home automation technologies, it is only fitting that we are today debuting the first wearable device to offer accurate and continuous physiological measurements based on the technology we’ve honed for use in hospitals for more than three decades. From our own original breakthrough technology, SET® pulse oximetry, to our advanced hospital monitors like Root®, to our Hospital Automation™ platform and its many innovative connectivity and remote monitoring systems, to our tetherless Masimo SafetyNet remote and home patient management and telehealth solutions, and now to W1, we are excited to be able to bring our technologies directly to even more people everywhere.”

The Masimo W1 is not FDA cleared.

Source: Masimo

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