Somnoware Secures Venture Capital Investment to Accelerate Expansion

CerraCap Ventures, an early-stage VC specializing in cyber security, advanced analytics, and health-tech investments, announced its investment in Somnoware. This strategic investment from CerraCap Ventures is poised to accelerate Somnoware’s expansion in sleep, respiratory care, and additional healthcare markets.

Somnoware’s mission is to reduce chronic respiratory disease healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes by enabling early diagnosis and more effective chronic care management.

Health care providers caring for patients with chronic conditions such as sleep apnea and COPD struggle with the collective problem of siloed data. Siloed data in disparate systems creates barriers to patient care. Somnoware solves this problem through a web-based platform for enhanced respiratory care management. The platform orchestrates data flow between 100+ medical devices, unifies datasets within a single platform, delivers high-impact analytics, enables faster diagnosis, proactive intervention, & automated patient engagement.

By streamlining diagnostic testing workflows and driving greater therapy adherence, Somnoware customers are improving treatment outcomes. More than 1,500 diagnostic testing centers use Somnoware.

Today, some of the largest healthcare systems in the US depend on Somnoware to improve respiratory care management through workflow automation, end-to-end care management, and population risk analysis.

“With the goal of further solidifying its position as the leading respiratory healthcare management platform, we are excited about the future of the Somnoware platform to transform this space. Their solution is well-designed for their end-users, and its platform is experiencing major expansion. We are bullish about their revenue traction and large iconic client base,” said Saurabh Ranjan, Founder & CEO of CerraCap Ventures.

Subath Kamalasan, Founder and CEO of Somnoware, said, “Healthcare systems realize now more than ever that workflow automation and access to meaningful data is vital to improving healthcare outcomes and reducing costs. This is why we see increasing demand for a platform that enables healthcare systems to integrate systems and devices, consolidate data, and proactively engage with patients to improve care. This new investment from CerraCap Ventures will accelerate Somnoware’s expansion into new markets and boost adoption of our platform by healthcare systems nationwide.”

CERRACAP VENTURES, is an Orange County, California-based early-stage VC specializing in cyber security, advanced analytics and health-tech investments that predominantly focus on companies in B2B enterprise space. The firm empowers high growth innovative companies by bringing sales from Fortune 500 companies; they utilize their “Sales & Scale” approach to industrialize innovation.

Somnoware is a cloud-based platform for enhanced respiratory care management. The platform orchestrates data flow between disparate medical devices, unifies datasets within a single platform, and delivers high-impact analytics. The platform enables screening, faster diagnosis, proactive intervention, and automated patient engagement, resulting in improved treatment outcomes. Learn more at

Source: Cerracap

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  1. I’m shocked anyone would invest in Somnoware. Somnoware is easily the worst sleep system I’ve ever worked with. It is a joke amongst all of my colleagues.

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