Top Philips Engineer Says V̇-Com is Brilliant

v-com cpap trainerSleepRes, LLC, the developers of the V̇-Com™, announces Bernard Hete, Ph.D. as their Chief Technology Officer to oversee future research and development. Dr. Hete has been a senior engineer at Philips Respironics for 30 years.

“I get to work with a visionary sleep physician who is revolutionizing PAP therapy to improve adherence,” said Dr. Hete. “Dr. Noah has a deeper understanding of the physiology and physics of the PAP circuit than any physician I have ever met. His first invention, the V̇-Com™ is brilliant, and he has so much more to release. I want to be part of this vision and innovation.”

“Bernie [Dr. Hete] was always the smartest guy in the room, who always kept our ideas at Respironics to the laws of physics,” said Eugene Scarberry, a retired senior engineer at Philips who got the first FDA approval for CPAP back in 1985. “I have known Bernie for 30 years, and he is a wonderful person. Dr. [William] Noah knew exactly which scientist they needed to head up all their research projects.”

“I introduced them,” said Michael Sturdevant, a consulting engineer for Philips for over 20 years. “When I first heard Dr. [William] Noah (SleepRes CEO) get into the detailed physics of the PAP circuit, I told him he needed to hire Dr. Hete. Bernie is by far the most knowledgeable guy I have ever known in our industry related to the physics of the PAP circuit and vents. The two of them are a perfect fit.”

“We are very excited to have Dr. Hete head up our research and development. We have so many projects going on,” said Craig Salazar, President of SleepRes. “We like to say at SleepRes we don’t make CPAPs, but we make the CPAPs you use better. The V̇-Com™ is the first of numerous solutions we plan to release to make PAP therapy more comfortable, more effective, and safer, all focused to improve adherence and outcomes.”

“At SleepRes we are not just improving the PAP circuit, we are expanding the understanding,” said Kami Harold, Vice President of Sales for SleepRes. “The science is difficult for many to comprehend. Dr. Hete has the ability to make these complex manipulations of pressure, flow and resistance relatable to clinicians.”

“The synergy between Dr. Noah and Dr. Hete takes me back nearly 40 years ago to the synergy between my good friends, Respironics [Philips-Respironics] founder, Jerry McGinnis, and Dr. Mark Sanders,” said Scarberry. “The V̇-Com™ is amazing, as are coming solutions, but now with Bernie, Dr. Noah’s innovations will be better and released faster.”

Dr Hete holds BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Akron, and a PhD in Bioengineering from Penn State. Dr. Hete worked at Philips/Respironics building various technologies related to mechanical ventilators and sleep apnea products, as well as other medical diagnostic and treatment devices.

“Despite recent issues with the recall, Philips is a great company, and I am very appreciative for my time there,” said Dr. Hete. “I am leaving many longtime friends and colleagues. But we may still be working some together. The new technologies that SleepRes is developing will help all PAP manufacturers produce better results.”

Source: SleepRes

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