NSF and CTA Publish Updated Standard for Wearable Sleep Monitors

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The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) and the Consumer Technology Association® (CTA) have released ANSI/CTA/NSF-2052.1-A Definitions and Characteristics for Wearable Sleep Monitors. Originally published in 2016, this updated standard further defines terms and functionality for sleep measuring devices.

As a leader in sleep tech, NSF identified the need for standards for wearable sleep monitors and partnered with CTA to develop Definitions and Characteristics for Wearable Sleep Monitors. The updated standard defines terms for describing sleep states and defines the functionality required in devices measuring sleep behavior. The standard focuses exclusively on consumer products and does not address functionality within medical devices.

“Our continued work with CTA and innovative industry stakeholders is meant to inform the development and realization of everyday products—technology that’s meaningful to consumers and can help people get enough of the quality sleep they need,” said John Lopos, NSF CEO. “Sleep technology has incredible potential to improve consumers’ sleep and their health, and at NSF we’re seeing consumer devices expand across a wide range of uses and settings.”

“As digital health shifts from novelty to necessity, enhanced standards benefit increased consumer adoption of technology and helps improve health outcomes across the world,” said Kerri Haresign, Director, Technology and Standards at CTA.

NSF’s goal for sleep tech recognizes and encourages efforts that rapidly incorporate sleep science and insights into accessible health products and services. NSF is committed to making science-based sleep tech more accessible and convenient so anyone and everyone can be their Best Slept Self®.

Source: NSF

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