ndd’s EasyOne Air Spirometer Shines at World’s Largest Freediving Competition

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ndd Medical Technologies (ndd), announces the successful deployment of its EasyOne Air portable spirometer for testing lung function at the world’s largest freediving competition, Vertical Blue. In a true test of EasyOne Air’s capabilities in challenging field conditions, the benefits of the portable spirometer shone through, yielding accurate and consistent results in a sample of freedivers.

Freediving is a form of underwater diving where participants plunge to depths as great as 100m, whilst holding their breath for periods of 3-4 minutes. The extreme nature of the sport puts freedivers at risk of lung barotrauma, pulmonary edema, and decompression sickness. The medical team at Vertical Blue wanted to ensure the safety of freedivers at the competition and set about testing the participants’ lung function to find trends and establish ‘normal’ values in this extreme diving population. As part of a long-term initiative, the medical team also aimed to demonstrate that the activity can be safe and to identify any associated risks.

Thanks to EasyOne Air’s unique ultrasonic flow measurement technology, highly accurate and consistent spirometry measurements were readily taken in the field, eliminating the need for cumbersome equipment associated with traditional spirometry methods. With instant results and no calibration or maintenance necessary, the team at Vertical blue was delighted with the device’s performance as Jamie Juliano RN, CFRN and co-owner of Freedive Medicine LLC, commented:

Freediving presents unique challenges for our medical team: Freediving often operates in austere locations where medical equipment is sparce. The EasyOne Air helped us to research and evaluate pulmonary-related risks and proved to be an invaluable tool during the competition. Having ndd by our side will aid in continued evaluation of the unique pulmonary situations Freedivers face when participating in this sport.”

EasyOne Air is designed to deliver accurate results immediately. With unique technology, premium precision components, and extensive quality control standards, high-quality spirometry results are always guaranteed. For further information visit: https://nddmed.com/products/spirometers/easyone-air.

ndd is committed to furthering all areas of lung function research. Find out more about the projects supported by ndd at: https://nddmed.com/ndd/company/clinical-research.

Source: ndd Medical Technologies

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