Sleep Expert Teresa Power DeNike to Join BreakAway Media Group

teresa power denikeBreakAway Media Group LLC, a digital media publisher located in suburban Philadelphia, today announces the hiring of sales representative Teresa Power DeNike, BS, CCSH, a sleep coach, clinical educator, national speaker, and founder of Sleep Better NYC. DeNike brings more than 14 years of healthcare sales and consulting experience and a passion for improving the patient wellness journey and clinical outcomes with quality sleep.

“We are excited for Teresa to join the BreakAway Media Group team and represent our growing media interests and partner with sleep medicine marketers to reach our audience of key decision-makers and create measurable results for our clients,” says Michael DiDomenico, president of BreakAway Media Group and publisher of Sleep Lab Magazine and RTSleepWorld.

DeNike will concentrate on clients in emerging sleep markets, including dental sleep medicine, alternative therapies, hypoglossal nerve stimulation, home sleep testing services, and treatment apps.

Board-certified in clinical sleep health with expertise in sleep apnea screening, testing, and treatment—as well as general sleep hygiene and mindset practice—she has served as a subject matter expert for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST), and DentistryIQ.

“After seeing so many patients and loved ones struggle to get the sleep support they needed, I’ve built a career around helping people sleep better through quality education, personalized sleep coaching, and multidisciplinary care coordination,” says DeNike. “With Breakaway Media Group, I will continue to connect and collaborate with sleep medicine organizations, to fulfill their marketing and advertising goals.”

DeNike starts her new position on January 26th.


About BreakAway Media Group: BreakAway Media Group is a digital media publisher located in suburban Philadelphia. Its publications include RTSleepWorld and Sleep Lab Magazine.

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