FDA Removes Dental Contraindications for eXciteOSA

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Signifier Medical Technologies LLC (“Signifier” or the “Company”), a Boston-based medical technology company, announces the FDA approval to remove dental contraindications for eXciteOSA. This opens the door for doctors and other providers to prescribe eXciteOSA on a more widespread basis.

Based on an observational study conducted by Signifier Medical, the data demonstrated no significant difference in the occurrence of eXciteOSA side effects amongst those with intraoral metal and those without intraoral metal dental work. As a result of these findings, the FDA has approved the removal of temporary or permanent metal implants, dental braces, and intraoral metal prostheses, restorations, and appliances from contraindications. This meaningfully expands the number of patients who can benefit from a daytime therapy, with no nighttime wearable, for mild obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.

“It’s a good thing when the FDA removes a barrier that didn’t make sense to us as clinicians. The exclusion because of metal restorations made it more difficult to talk to non-dentist medical colleagues. Now, with the restriction lifted, we can go about finding the best therapy for the individual patient,” said Steve Carstensen, DDS, Co-founder of Premier Sleep Associates, the Director of Education for Airway Technologies, and Chief Dental Editor for Dental Sleep Practice Magazine.

In the study, Signifier gathered therapy experience data from 499 real-world users of eXciteOSA, including both civilian and Veteran patients. The focus of the study was primarily on the occurrence of side effects amongst patients with and without intraoral metal dental work and/or jewelry. Participants were asked to report the frequency, level of discomfort, and duration of eXciteOSA side effects. A thorough intraoral/dental history was obtained, focused on the presence of intraoral metal.

“A large number of Veterans were previously deemed ineligible for eXciteOSA for mild OSA/simple snoring because of the dental contraindications. This latest development is going to be well-received by VA clinics and patients across the country,” said Dr. Brandon Nokes, Director of Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation at VA San Diego.

This study demonstrates the low-risk profile of eXciteOSA — a novel medical therapy that was authorized in the FDA De Novo process. This important milestone moves eXciteOSA, which treats one of the root causes of OSA, one step closer to being a first-line therapy for millions of people suffering with mild sleep apnea and snoring.

Source: Signifier Medical Technologies

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