EnsoData Applies AI to Address Health Concerns for 1,000,000 Patients Worldwide

ensodata one million patients

EnsoData, the AI healthcare technology company, announces it has assisted clinicians in diagnosing the one-millionth patient supported by its AI/ML sleep scoring solution, EnsoSleep, marking a key milestone in its mission to make healthcare more accurate and affordable.

Supporting a network of more than 130 leading provider organizations, EnsoData is helping clinicians diagnose patients more quickly and accurately, allowing them to get patients the treatment they need for deadly sleep disorders, including obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA affects an estimated 22 million Americans and one billion people worldwide. Critical yet often overlooked, the condition is highly comorbid with many of the chronic conditions leading American death rates and healthcare costs, including depression, heart disease, and obesity. The impact of this work is enormous: Earlier and more accessible diagnosis and treatment of OSA will dramatically transform the healthcare economy and save lives. Controlling healthcare costs and medical debt will transform the overall economy.

“Accelerating OSA diagnosis to this level was only possible through the team here harnessing the power of AI to automate a time-consuming and costly manual process,” said Justin Mortara, President and CEO of EnsoData. “Our EnsoSleep AI solution creates efficiencies for health systems and clinicians that enable reinvestment in patient care and education, reduction in readmission rates for patients with comorbidities, and development of better screening programs to identify people with undiagnosed OSA.”

EnsoData is considered a pioneer in the clinical use and adoption of AI and machine learning (ML) technology in healthcare, supporting leading providers and health systems like Rush University, Advanced Sleep Management, and CHI St. Joseph Health. The team published more than 30 peer-reviewed AI and ML research publications to uncover the extent of sleep’s
profound role and influence on health and disease, with another five publications coming at SLEEP 2023 in June.

“Long before AI solutions were mainstream, EnsoData persevered to earn trust and commercial adoption of our AI-based solution in the change-averse healthcare space,” said Chris Fernandez, co-founder, Executive Chairman, and Chief Research Officer of EnsoData. “Now that we have helped clinicians read one million studies and reach one million patients, we’re
only doubling down on our mission to positively impact patient care and make healthcare more accessible and affordable – to reach the next 10 million patients that need help.”

The pandemic has driven burnout among clinicians to crisis levels – causing hundreds of thousands of them to leave the workforce. Due to these staffing shortages, health care systems now face difficulties finding and retaining quality staff and serious financial challenges. EnsoData supports teams dealing with these challenges by automating the time-consuming process of scoring Polysomnography (PSG) and Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT) sleep studies.

With over 450,000 PSG studies reviewed to date, at an average time savings of 28.1 minutes per PSG, down from 47.5 minutes before EnsoSleep to just 19.4 minutes after, that translates to 210,750 hours, or just over 24 years. For HSATs, time spent dropped from 25.5 minutes on average to just 8.3 minutes, saving 17.2 minutes per test.

“With EnsoSleep prescoring the studies, we’re cutting into our backlog, and our patients have much shorter wait times for results. It’s a win-win,” said Dr. James Herdegen, Rush University Medical Center.

Extrapolate that time savings to the roughly 550,000 HSATs EnsoSleep supported, and the total is just under 18 years of saved time. In total, EnsoSleep saved approximately 42 years of time for clinicians and RPSGTs to repurpose into improving operational efficiency and enhancing patient care.

“EnsoSleep cuts the time in half for report preparation and it is vital to consistent scoring and reaching our volume goals,” said Laura Linley, EVP of Clinical Operations, Co-Founder, Advanced Sleep Management.

As noted, EnsoSleep Study Management provides clinicians with a single, cloud-based platform for reviewing, editing, and reporting on sleep studies, leading to increased efficiency across the sleep lab workflow. The customizable, dynamic reports also simplify the report generation process for sleep labs, getting results back into patient hands more quickly. “Reaching one million patients is just the beginning. Our dream is now a reality,” said Sam Rusk, EnsoData co-founder, Chief AI Officer, and Member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine AI Committee. “The one million patients analyzed by EnsoSleep have spent approximately 36 years of collective time in REM sleep, the stage where we dream. Here’s to the next big goal for this dream team: 10 million patients.”

Source: EnsoData

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