Industry Insider Pens Book to Transform Dental Sleep Medicne

jason tierney transform dental sleep medicine

A new book, Transform Dental Sleep, from dental sleep medicine industry insider Jason Tierney aims to help dentists grow their sleep practices.

Over 30,000,000 Americans suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. An unprecedented PAP recall has left millions of people without treatment.

10,000 dentists attended a dental sleep medicine course last year. Less than one percent of those dentists will go on to make sleep a significant part of their practices, and just 100 dentists are responsible for 35% of the patients treated with oral appliance therapy in the U.S.

Most clinicians look outward for solutions. They buy new hardware, subscribe to new software, and attend more courses. What if clinicians looked inward?

Jason Tierney has dedicated nearly 20 years to developing innovative business solutions in dental sleep medicine. He’s written a book that synthesizes these experiences with his wide array of interests and sardonic wit, laying the groundwork for growing a successful dental sleep practice.

TRANSFORM DENTAL SLEEP: The Step-by-Step Guide to Doubling Your Sleep Patients, Increasing Physician Referrals, Simplifying Processes, and Improving Your Life is the result.

Highlighting the myriad challenges dentists face, Jason centers on the consultative process using relatable examples. Readers get an actionable business framework to drive team alignment, measure relevant business metrics, and grow a more productive, rewarding sleep practice.

The book can be purchased on

Source: FYL Publishing

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