SomnoMed Partners with Nexus Dental Systems to Improve Access to Oral Appliance Therapy for OSA Patients

SomnoMed North America announces Nexus Dental Systems (Nexus) as their preferred partner to offer sleep dentistry training and medical billing in the DOD, VA and commercial market segments.

“This partnership significantly enhances the objectives of SomnoMed’s Medical Initiative by further enabling and expanding collaborative patient treatment pathways between medical prescribers, qualified sleep dentists, and their patients,” says Matthew Conlon, Executive Vice President for SomnoMed North America. “As more and more medical prescribers turn to OAT as a treatment choice for their mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) patients, they want assurance that the sleep dentists they turn to will provide their patients the highest quality sleep dentistry care with optimal value. Nexus has the resources, tools, and team to help our dental sleep medicine customers maximize their expertise and efficiencies and stand out as preferred OAT treatment partners for those prescribers.”

For over 20 years, dentists have struggled to implement sleep medicine programs. Difficulty forging relationships with physicians, telemedicine, sleep testing, navigating medical insurance and training staff meant that quality sleep dental treatment for OSA was not widely available. “There are two major obstacles in dental sleep medicine: a universal treatment protocol and a clear path to reimbursement,” says Brett Brocki, Founder of Nexus Dental Systems. “We combined a comprehensive clinical protocol with national insurance contracts to create a universal workflow ecosystem for dental sleep medicine providers with predictable reimbursement. All OSA sufferers, including our troops and veterans, deserve access to the best OSA treatment available, which is why we’re proud to collaborate with SomnoMed, the global leader in oral appliance therapy.”

“SomnoMed is on a mission to help as many people as possible who are suffering from mild to moderate OSA and the Nexus-trained offices offer greater access for patients while facilitating predictable reimbursement, so the choice was clear,” says Neil Verdal-Austin, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director for SomnoMed Limited.

The companies recently partnered on a national OSA screening and treatment program at HBCUs, with the inaugural events held at Grambling State University in May. This program is part of a broader collaboration strategy between Nexus and SomnoMed to increase access to treatment within large patient pools. “Nexus has forged a truly integrated pathway with medical and dental synergies, giving more patients the opportunity to be treated with OAT as an OSA treatment choice,” adds Conlon.

“Integrating SomnoMed’s SomAccount ordering system into the Nexus software pathway will expedite cases and streamline reimbursement,” says Scott Kay, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Nexus, “and our national payor contracts make this available to the majority of Americans.”

Source: Nexus Dental Systems

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