sovaSage Inc. Announces Integration with React Health Connect Platform

sovaSage Inc., a privately held company selling artificial intelligence-based software and services for the management of obstructive sleep apnea, today announced that it has completed data integration with React Health’s Connect patient management software platform.

Earlier this year, sovaSage introduced the first AI-based continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) coach technology, Jeanie. The Jeanie™ Compliance Management Service is a PAP patient management platform designed to manage compliance for the initial 90-day compliance period and long-term PAP compliance and support for as long as the patient is on therapy. The company’s existing mask-fitting technology, TherapistAssist™ SmartFit, is fully integrated with the Jeanie™ product.

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sovaSage’s team of experienced coaches and licensed respiratory therapists provide an end-to-end compliance management service for durable medical equipment (DME) providers looking to increase their PAP patient compliance by as much as 25%.

Integration with React Health Connect supports the timely feedback, proactive coaching and long-term compliance for PAP patients using React Health Sleep Therapy devices.

“React Health has made significant inroads in the sleep therapy market and has established itself as a strong provider of sleep products and technology. With this technology integration complete, patients using React devices and the Jeanie coaching service are more adherent to their therapy and enjoy superior clinical benefits – all leading to a more profitable business for our DME provider customers,” said sovaSage founder and CEO William Kaigler.

“React Health is pleased to continue to offer integration into products and platforms that offer benefits to physicians, DME providers and patients,” said Tom Pontzius, president of React Health. “React continues to provide 100% connected sleep therapy products that allow our customers and the patients using their devices to have the best possible success with the therapies they need, while allowing for improved quality of life and outcomes utilizing proven products, such as sovaSage. Providing an integrated solution with industry-desired products, such as sovaSage, remains an important part of improving the health care of patients seeking treatment, something React Health and sovaSage are committed to.”

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