A 2Zzz is published quarterly and is the official publication of the American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST). A2Zzz began in 1978 as Sleepwatchers before changing names to The Journal of Polysomnographic Technology and then to A2Zzz. You must be an AAST member to access this publication.

Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine

The scope of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine is clinical sleep medicine. Its emphasis is the publication of papers with direct applicability and/or relevance to the clinical practice of sleep medicine. This includes some original manuscripts such as clinical trials as well as clinical reviews, clinical commentary and debate, medical economic/practice perspectives, case series and novel/interesting case reports

Journal of Sleep

SLEEP publishes original findings in areas pertaining to sleep and circadian rhythms. Topics include sleep-related disorders, medical dysfunctions during sleep, clinical investigations, therapeutic trials, physiologic events, anatomic structures and molecular components underlying normal and abnormal sleep, psychological and psychophysiologic research, and the pharmacology of sleep.

Sleep Lab Magazine

Sleep Lab Magazine for Sleep Professionals is a bi-monthly multi-media digital publication optimized for the internet, delivering sleep medicine news, product information and clinical articles in a whole new way. It’s like no other sleep publication.

Sleep Review

Sleep Review: The Journal for Sleep Specialists is a controlled circulation publication that has been published since 2000. It is dedicated to helping its 20,000 readers stay on top of changes in the rapidly growing field of diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. Each issue covers case reports, innovative research findings, business news, and product and service introductions.