How to submit an article for or Sleep Lab Magazine

For completed first drafts of articles (preferred), we recommend:

  1. The article should be attached as a Microsoft Word document.
  2. Word count between 700 and 2,000 words (most typically articles are about 1,200 words).
  3. Any statistics must be hyperlinked to their original source. Any peer-reviewed papers mentioned must be hyperlinked to the online abstract or full text of the paper.
  4. All reference citations must be in AMA style (see example below). Please place the citation reference number at the appropriate location in the article. Click here for an AMA Guide and citation generator. 

    1 Laupland KB, Davies HD, Low DE, Schwartz B, Green K; Ontario Group A Streptococcal Study Group. Invasive group A streptococcal disease in children and association with varicella-zoster virus infection. Pediatrics. 2000;105(5):e60. Accessed April 30, 2004. http://pediatrics.aappublications.ord/cgi/content/full/105/5/e60

  5. Include author(s) byline at the top of the document, with up to 3 credentials for each author (for example, “By John Doe, MD, FAASM”).
  6. For every author, include a 1 to 2-sentence bio at the end of the document (typically, title and place of employment).
  7. For every author, include a disclosure statement at the end of the document or say “no disclosures.” Include unpaid positions (such as being on a marketer’s medical board), if relevant to the subject of the article.
  8. Attach your headshot (it does not have to be a professional headshot; a smartphone headshot is fine).


  • A suggested headline at the top of the submission.
  • Attach photos, videos, or other graphics that help illustrate the story (only include graphics that you personally took or created; if a colleague or professional photographer took photos, we may require a photo release from them prior to publication).
  • We prefer candid photos that help the reader understand more about the subject of the article.

Other Guidelines:

  • If accepted, we require exclusive rights to the content for a 30-day period after publication. This means you cannot publish this article or a similar article elsewhere (including on your own website) for at least 30 days after publication by or Sleep Lab Magazine.
  • The parent company of and Sleep Lab Magazine, BreakAway Media Group, reserves the rights to publish, reproduce, distribute, display or transmit the work in any other medium, including print, books, broadcast, electronic or outdoor use, or in any promotional work for BreakAway Media Group, without your further permission.
  • No more than two sentences of each article should be devoted to details about a specific brand name or product.
  • Patients can only be identified by sex and age. If a patient agrees to be named in an article, a signed release from the patient will be required.
  • Your article should have a personal touch—including information from your own clinical experience is preferred.
  • Your work will be revised or edited. You may be provided with a redline for approval. If significant revisions are made, you will receive an updated draft prior to publication, with a deadline for which to request any changes to the revisions. If the deadline passes without your response, that means you have accepted the revisions and we will move forward with publication.
  • We offer sponsored content through our content marketing division only. All articles written by full- or part-time employees of sleep device makers, sleep pharmaceutical companies, sleep diagnostic companies, or other sleep medicine marketers can only be published as sponsored content. Request a price quote for such publication by emailing Heather Ott. All sponsored content will be labeled clearly as “paid for by” or similar phrasing to distinguish it from editorial content.

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