Michigan Instruments Acquired By Individual Investor

Michigan Instruments, a leading innovator in the emergency medical and respiratory care industries, announces that the assets of Michigan Instruments were recently acquired by individual investor, Chris Blanker. He has assumed the role of President and CEO of Michigan Instruments.

Michigan Instruments has long been a leader in automated CPR machines and training and test lung (TTL) devices. Thousands of users are equipped with the precision devices that allow them to do their job with excellence and ease. As pioneers in the mechanical CPR and respiratory training and therapy industries, this change will bolster a new landscape for the business and continue the tradition of innovation.

“What attracted me to Michigan Instruments most was their history in the markets they serve, exceptional quality and reliable products that give them a strong brand across the globe, and most importantly, that with some fresh thinking and additional investment the company is poised for growth,” said Chris Blanker, President and CEO of Michigan Instruments.

The acquisition is motivated by ambitious goals to expand into additional markets and deeper into existing markets through product enhancements. Reinforced by a history of high standards and cutting-edge technology, Chris Blanker is leading Michigan Instruments into a future of growth.

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