SleepWeaver Prevent: Combination KN95 & CPAP Mask

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Circadiance has just launched SleepWeaver® Prevent, which uses an integrated KN95 Mask to filter exhaled air, provides an additional level of isolation for CPAP/NIV patients with known or suspected respiratory infections. Circadiance is offering this new combination filter and CPAP mask to address the following concerns during the COVID-19 public health emergency:

  • Risks to healthcare personnel and visitors from PAP therapy in the clinical space.
  • Risks to bed partners and family members during in-home PAP therapy.

Exploded view of the mask:

sleepweaver prevent diagram 55

Ordering information: SleepWeaver Prevent, Part #101743 (Regular) and #101744 (Large), and replacement KN95 Filter Mask 10 packs, Part #101737, at or +1-888-825-9640.

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Source: Circadiance

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