Siesta Medical’s AIRLIFT® Hyoid Suspension Study Shows 74% Reduction in AHI

Siesta Medical, Inc. announced the online publication of a recent study of the AIRLIFT procedure titled “Hyoid Suspension With UPPP for the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea” in the Ear, Nose & Throat Journal.

This multicenter study evaluated the safety and efficacy of AIRLIFT hyoid suspension when combined with procedures for the palate on 39 patients treated at 3 centers. The median apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) reduction was 74% while the AHI was reduced from 49.9 preoperatively to 15.4 after treatment. All patients saw a positive drop in their AHI assessment and 84% of patients with severe sleep apnea, the riskiest level of sleep apnea, improved to mild or moderate sleep apnea. In addition, the efficacy of the procedure appeared to be independent of BMI, even in very high BMI patients.

AIRLIFT® hyoid suspension, which does not have indication limitations for airway anatomy, body mass index, or obstructive sleep apnea severity, is used to treat airway obstructions primarily in the hypopharynx. With thousands of patients treated, AIRLIFT hyoid suspension provides immediate therapy, treats the entire hypopharynx and works without the need for ongoing patient compliance.

Dr. Jason Van Tassel with Washington Hospital in Fremont, CA, a specialist in the surgical treatment of sleep apnea commented, “AIRLIFT hyoid suspension is one of my primary procedures and this study confirms my own long experience in performing sleep surgery. You can improve the airway for a wide range of sleep apnea sufferers that are unable to use CPAP.”

Dr. Ryan Nord, Director of Sleep Surgery with Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, noted, “OSA patients have long sought alternatives to CPAP when that therapy does not work for them. I am happy to be working in sleep surgery at a time when our treatments are getting recognized for the meaningful impact they have for patients. The AIRLIFT is part of my approach. It’s simple, reproducible and effective.”

Source: Siesta Medical

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